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Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 11:00am Petting Zoo Tour

Horseback Riding
(Sorry at this time not available)

Miniature Horse & Donkey Stage:
Pet and feed our miniature horses & our miniature donkey.

Ram & Sheep Stage:
Learn why our sheep has horns, & see how our ram sheds his tropical coat
Feed this majestic ram.

Goat Stage:
Learn the difference between goats & sheep, and feed them.
Look at those eyes! Look at those tails!

Chicken Coop Stage
Meet & feed the chickens
Learn interesting facts about chickens, roosters & their eggs.
See the different colors and sizes of eggs.

Piggy Stage:
Meet and feed our Kune Kune Miniature Pig “Hau’ole”
(His name means Happy in Hawaiian) He smiles when you rub his tummy!
You can even give him a piggy bath.

Tortoise Stage:
Learn about our rare red footed tortoises & “Tonka”, a 100lb. desert tortoise. Let’s have a tortoise race!
Treasure egg hunt
Designer chicks… are those feathers on their feet? See our beautiful rare breed of chickens.